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We strive to provide our customers with top notch service and solutions to everyday problems.

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Here at BGP GRID we provide you with high end hardware to host your very own UNetLab software along with guidance from expert network engineers.
BGP GRID INC. is owned and managed by expert level network engineers with a passion for designing and maintaining networks of all sizes.

After more than a decade in the IT industry, we have found that many small businesses often received sub-par services since many service providers focus on pre-paid bulk hour agreements and other contract agreements that are cost prohibitive for small businesses. Recognizing the need for affordable, flexible, yet expert level network support for small businesses, BGP GRID INC. was created and have been serving small businesses since 2016.

We take a partnership/apprenticeship approach from start to finish, focusing as much on knowledge transfer as we do on design, development, and deployment. The BGP GRID difference goes beyond transparency. It’s driven by illumination. Yes, you can see what we’re doing, but you should also understand why we are doing it. This is a cornerstone of our process, and what sets us apart.


In-depth workbooks for CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE level candidates.

Custom Labs

Create your own custom labs with your UNetLab simulator server.


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